MonSticky – Decorate Monsters v1.0 Apk

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(Last Updated On: February 26, 2017)

MonSticky – Decorate Monsters –

Have you ever wanted to play with a monster friend?
Now you can make and decorate your own monster to play with, thanks to MonSticky.

Let’s MAKE monsters!
What kind of monster would you like?
A chubby and huge one? or slim and tall one?
Would you prefer scary eyes or sparkly cute ones?
You can make them in whatever way you would like.

Let’s PLAY with monsters!
You can play by pushing and touching your monster.
When you touch a monster, sometimes it will be surprised, or delighted, or angry.
Let’s touch and play with monsters.

ㆍOver 90 of monster eyes, noses, horns… etc stickers.
ㆍWide range of patterns and color for monsters
ㆍInteractive monster animations that enables with finger touch.
ㆍFun and silly sound effects.
ㆍPay once and play forever, No in-app purchases.
ㆍCan be played without Wi-fi or cellular data.
ㆍNo third-party advertising.

FREE Printable Contents
Free printable contents that you can print, cut, and play are available.
Make objects around you such as plant pot, notebook, gift box, wall,..etc into monsters.
Download available on JoyFlap homepage.

Privacy Policy
We believe privacy policy is very important. We neither take user’s personal information nor share user’s personal information to third party when our app is launched. Please refer to our website for more detailed information.

JoyFlap wishes that children would group up learning thing naturally while playing fun games.
We design our contents in hope that children can have more fun and even more imagination.
Let us know anything you want to say or ask. Send your message to JoyFlap.

MonSticky - Decorate Monsters

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