Ocean Is Home: Survival Island v2.5 (Mega Mod) Apk

Ocean Is Home Survival Island –

Try to live the life of a man who has got on a desert island …
You have to look for food and water, to think about the roof over your head, crafting things necessary for life itself from what will make the surf on the beach.
Warning: The game is in alpha testing.
Disable real-time shadows and reduce draw distance if you have low framerate.
“Ocean Is Home” is:
– Survival Island
– Construction of house
– Craft items
– Hunting
Now in game:
– Optimized graphics for mobile devices
– Survival mechanics on the island
– Player stats system
– Saving progress

Ocean Is Home Survival Island

1. Infinite Coins
2. Infinite Health Points
3. Massive Range
4. Massive Damage Points
5. Massive Max Slots
6. Walk Speed Increased
7. Run Speed Increased
8. Instant Craft Time
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
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