Download Sky Mirror · Strolling v1.0.7 (Free Shopping) Apk for Android

Sky Mirror · Strolling v1.0.7 (Free Shopping)

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Sky Mirror · Strolling –

Relax and stroll in this dreamland, get positive energy and avoid negative energy.

Features: Sky Mirror, Mirror, Dreamland, Wonderland, Relaxing game, Puzzle game, Left right brain, Fresh, Dreamy, Positive energy.

How to play: You can use joystick to control your character walking around on the salt flat, collect positive energy, or enter a mirror to start a game.


1. Mirror of Introspection: You need to find the exit of the maze, get positive energy to level up and avoid negative energy.

2. Mirror of Illusion: You will play a left right brain training game, your virtual image in the mirror is reverse. When you turn left, your virtual image will turn right. Also, when your virtual image touches negative energy, you will lose positive energy as well. You need to go through the obstacles and find the exit.

3. Mirror of Purification: You can get a lot of positive energy there.

4. Mirror of Trade: A shop. You can level up by purchasing items.

5. Mirror of Contact: You can find the social media link of the developer.

6. Mirror of Language: You can change your language.

Sky Mirror · Strolling Apk
Requires Android
4.1 and up
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